lunes, 16 de noviembre de 2009

Patriotics days

Panama National Anthem.

The National Anthem is one of the more
important patriotic symbols in Panama.
Was compose musically by Santos Jorje
and written by Jeronimo de la Ossa.

This is the letter of our Anthem.

Patriotics days part 2

Flag of Panama.

The flag of Panama was designed by Manuel E. Amador Guerrero
and made by Maria De La Ossa De Amador.The color red represents
the Liberal Party,blue represents Conservative Party and the white
represents peace.The stars represents the strength and authority.

2 times breaking down

John David and Jan philip has a band named 2 times breaking

the current members are John, Janphi and Gorka

we play punk music

so go and check our channel on youtube. the page on facebook and our myspace to see our music

patriotics days part 3

The coat of arms of Panama was designed by Nicanor Villalaz and painted by his brother Sebastian Villalaz.
The two suns on the middle represents the hour of the separtion, the gun and sword representd the abandoned to the wars, the shovel and grub represent the work, the cornucopia represents wealth, the winged wheel representd the progress and the falcon has a tape that said promundi beneficio

Patriotics days part 4

November 2: Day of the Dead. November 3: Independence of Panama from Colombia. November 4: Day of the flag. November 5th: Columbus Day. 10 November: The first proclamation of independence in the town of Los Santos. Nov. 28: The separation of Panama from Spain.

lunes, 26 de octubre de 2009

Typical foods of Sudan
The typical dishes in Sudan are the falafel (ground chickpeas with parsley, yeast, salt and pepper). Be made into a paste, then shaped and fried tortilla). Other typical dishes include lamb, stuffed peppers with minced meat and rice, red lentils (which are pap, check them stale bread, salt and cumin), camel meat and ostrich eggs. Yogurt is a very typical garrison, (combined with jam, lentils, chickpeas, etc.). Many species are also used, such as cardamon, dill, etc.. The KISR are fine cakes are made to the plate. It combines with many types of vegetables.
flag and national coat

The flag of Sudan have 3 horizontal lines and 4 differents colors.The colors of the flag of Sudan are red, white, black and a green triangle.The flag of Sudan was until 1969 was green, blue and yellow.The coat of arms of Sudan was adapted on 1970.It has a bird on the middle and 2 laces that said the victory is ours and republic of Sudan.